Training Tank Farm Operations and Performance

Training Tank Farm Operations and Performance

Training Tank Farm Operations and Performance DISKON HARGA Duta Pro Training Jakarta Bandung Jogja Bali Surabaya Lombok

Pelatihan Tank Farm Operations and Performance

Training provides a training course in Tank Farm Operations and Performance in Oil and Gas Training.

The Objectives

Attendance of this five days course will ensure the delegates of being able to:

  • Have in-depth knowledge of operations & management of oil and oil product terminals
  • Apply proper planning and scheduling techniques in storage & transfer systems
  • Command the various planning and transfer requirements for terminals
  • Develop good terminal management skills
  • Apply safe practices and procedures during the various operations in terminals including oil spill contingency and emergency response plans
  • Learn techniques on blending recipes for on specification products
  • Perform calculations for emissions discharges and dispersion
The Content

Crude Oil and Product Properties

Introduction and Overview

Evaluation of delegates’ present skills and knowledge

  • Stored product properties
  • Liquefied petroleum Gases
  • Gasoline
  • Jet Fuel
  • Diesel
  • Light Fuel oil
  • Heavy Fuel Oil
  • Bitumen
  • Crude oil
  • Light petroleum products
  • Heavy petroleum products
  • Chemicals

Safety and Risk

  • Fire fighting & protection
  • Ignition sources – Electrostatic charge
  • Fire detection and fire fighting systems
  • Risk assessments and management
  • Oil Spills
  • Secondary Containment, Bund walls
  • The Ship/Shore Safety Checklist

Tank types, construction & Requirements for Stored Products

Tank farms differences and purpose

  • Crude Storage
  • Refined product storage
  • Gas storage
  • Chemical Storage

Tank design & engineering considerations

  • Introduction to API codes & standards
  • Roof Types
  • Fixed Dome & Cone
  • Floating Roof
  • Pressurized tanks
  • Suction levels fixed and floating
  • Unpumpables
  • Tank Emissions
  • Breathing Losses
  • Manipulation Losses
  • Measurement and estimation of losses
  • Emission reduction technologies
  • Vapor recovery units
  • Absorption and Scrubbing
  • Water drainage systems network and procedures
  • Process water treatment

Tank Terminal Operations

  • Transfer Systems
  • Centrifugal pumps types and operation
  • Piping systems
  • Maximum Flow and pressure
  • Ship-shore Transfers
  • Loading and unloading Processes
  • Ship Loading and discharge process
  • Pipeline transfers
  • Truck loading
  • The of Bill of Lading
  • Sampling and quality control – ISO 17025
  • Stock loss
  • Spill and overfill control
  • Level alarms/ independent level alarms
  • Tank gauging and metering
  • Instrumentation

Terminal Management

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Terminal inventory
  • Unpumpables & pipeline content ownership
  • Inventory Control
  • Custody transfer and administration
  • Transfer Procedures
  • Inter Tank transfers
  • Changing service tanks
  • Pipeline transfer loss
  • Pipeline thermal relief
  • Storage & transfer
  • Tank calibration/ recalibration
  • Berthing support
  • Cargo transfer support
  • Emergency response
  • Vessel departure support

International regulations & requirements for oil & gas marine terminals

  • Physical, chemical & hazardous properties of contained fluids
  • ISGOTT – Required notifications in the event of a release
  • Record keeping and reporting
  • Release detection, response, reporting and investigation

Tank Maintenance & Inspection

  • API 653 Tank Inspection
  • Tank failure causes and prevention
  • Settling
  • Corrosion inspection
  • Tank cleaning
  • Bunkering
  • Product Commingling
  • Product Blending
  • Product failures
  • Blending exercise
Fasilitas Training
  • Lokasi Training di Hotel Bintang 3-5
  • Sertifikat Training
  • Modul Materi (Hard Copy & Soft Copy)
  • Flashdisk
  • Training Kit (Co-Card, Bolpoin, & Buku Catatan)
  • Souvenir Eksklusif
  • 1x Makan Siang dan 2x Coffee Break (Jam 10:00 & 14:00)
  • Penjemputan Bandara – Hotel (Pulang-Pergi selama pelatihan)
Biaya & Lokasi Training

Lokasi Kota Jakarta (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta)

(Teraskita Hotel Jakarta Managed by Dafam, Hotel Swiss-belinn Simatupang, Hotel Amaris Tebet, Cipta Hotel, Hotel Neo Tendean, Hotel Amaris Tendean, Hotel Soyan Inn Tebet Soepomo, IBI Center,  Hotel Amaris Kemang, Oak Tree Hotel, Sotis Hotel, Harris Hotel Tebet, Hotel Amaris Pancoran, Hotel 88 Grogol & Kedoya, Ibis Tamrin Jakarta Pusat, Ibis Teraskota Cawang, Hotel Neo Kebayoran).

Lokasi Bandung (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.600.000,- / Peserta)

(Hotel Neo Dipatiukur, Hotel Dafam Rio Bandung, Hotel Aston Tropicana Cihampelas, Hotel Newton Bandung, Hotel Favehotel Premier Cihampelas, Verona Palace Hotel, Hotel Ibis Pasteur Bandung, Hotel Gino Feruci, Fabu Hotel Bandung, Hotel 101 Bandung, Hotel Amaris Cihampelas, Hotel Golden Flower Bandung, Atlantic Hotel, Hotel Aston Tropicana, Hotel Grand Tjokro Bandung Cihampela, Hotel Mitra).

Lokasi Kota Yogyakarta (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 6.800.000,- / Peserta)

(Hotel Dafam Malioboro, Hotel Dafam Seturan, Prima Inn Hotel Malioboro, Forriz Hotel, Jentra Dagen Hotel, Hotel Galery Prawirotaman, Hotel Cavinton, Hotel Crystal Lotus , Hotel Swiss-Belboutique Yogyakarta, THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu, Hotel Neo Malioboro, Hotel Mutiara Malioboro, Hotel Melia Purosani, Tara Hotel Yogyakarta, Prima SR Hotel & Convention, Hotel Pesonna Malioboro, Pesonna Hotel Tugu, Hotel Grand Serel, Hotel Harper Mangkubumi, Arjuna Hotel Tugu, Hotel Grand Zuri Malioboro, Horison Ultima Ris, Hotel Neo+ Awana, Satoria Yogyakarta Adisucipto).

Lokasi Kota Surabaya (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta)

(Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya, Swiss-Bellin Surabaya, Bisanta Bidakara Surabaya, Bekizaar Bussiness Hotel, Hotel Ibis Center Surabaya, Hotel Neo Surabaya)

Lokasi Kota Malang (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta)

(Hotel Amaris Malang,  Hotel Swiss-belinn Malang, Hotel 101 Malang)

Lokasi Kota Bali (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.000.000,- / Peserta, Minimal 2 Peserta)

(Hotel Ibis Kuta, Ibis Style Denpasar, Favehotel Kuta – Kartika Plaza, Bali Rani Hotel Kuta, Hotel Neo Denpsar, HARRIS Hotel Kuta Galleria, Hotel Ibis Kuta, PrimeBiz Hotel Kuta, Eden Hotel Kuta, Hotel Edelweiss Kuta).

Lokasi Kota Lombok (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.400.000,- / Peserta, Minimal 2 Peserta)

(Lombok Raya Hotel, Lombok Garden Hotel, Grand Madani Hotel Lombok).

  1. Biaya dan Lokasi diatas hanya untuk Private Training dan Public Training, untuk In House Training penawarannya dapat menghubungi kami pada link kontak kami.
  2. Jumlah peserta, jadwal dan lokasi dapat menyesuaikan permintaan.
  3. Jika perserta ada 5 orang maka peserta yang ke 5 gratis biaya pelatihan.
  4. Pemintaan lokasi yang diluar daftar diatas dapat menghubungi Kami.

Untuk melihat jadwal pelatihan ini kunjungi Jadwal Training Update dan jika ingin mendaftar pelatihan ini, silakan isi form di Formulir Pendaftaran.

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